A downloadable game for Windows

Experience the Joy of Creationism together with God Ross.

During this game you should relax, lean back and watch creation take its course as you invest your own lifeforce into the world.
This game is meant to be experienced, there are no scores attached to this.
Watch the world evolve through your actions and make up your own story.

This game may contain amounts of smooth jazz you are not able to handle. Viewer discretion  is advised.

  • Zoom in and out with the mousewheel
  • Click animals or humans to follow them

If you are playing a post jam version, keep in mind that not all elements of the game are currently being explained, therefore I recommend reading the changelogs!


This game was originally made for the 44th Ludum Dare Game Jam. It was made in 48 hours.

If you are planning on rating the game for the 44th LudumDare, please download the Ludum Dare Version out of fairness to the other participants!


Programming - @AndideBob

Art & Voice - @ToastiChron

Music - @DJBBone


LudumDare 44 Version 19 MB
Post Jam Version 1.2 17 MB
God Ross Soundtrack 5 MB

Development log


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This game is amazing. I love simulation type-things, and the Bob Ross Theme made it so much better. My suggestion would be to add a lot more human features, as that is the main appeal of the late game. Maybe some inter-human fighting, or further advancement? If you're looking for ideas, Simmiland is a really good god game with idle human action. 

No matter where the game goes, you've done a great job.


This was really enjoyable! I liked brushing on a lot of clouds and watching plants grow, then adding lots of herbivores and watching them spread, and so forth. Really relaxing experience in a jam-sized package.

If you want to improve on this in the future, I think some more camera controls would be cool: Being able to fix the camera without having to hold RMB, maybe a slider to control the speed of the passive rotation. And also a way to zoom in to see your little creatures on the surface. Maybe even click one to have the camera follow it around?

Overall though, I felt it captured that chill, Bob Ross-y feeling of just kicking back and having fun on the canvas. I'll be following to see what you come up with next. :)