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'Your Story' was made in 48 hours during the GMTK GameJam 2019. The topic of the jam was "Only One".

The game plays like a 'Choose your Own Adventure'-Book. You take decisions and watch the story unfold. The catch however is, that you get only one playthrough. One story. Your story.

I would like to encourage players to exchange their stories, because I am really excited to see which paths players choose to take.


This game contains written descriptions of places, events or other things that might be disturbing to some people. These are merely feeding of different horror ideas and are in no way meant to offend anybody.


A game by - @AndideBob

Music - @DJBBone
Font - @somepx

With additional story branches by my beautiful fiancee @RenkasJourney


Your Story - Windows 18 MB

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