A downloadable game for Windows

"Ay, comer closer come here, come hither come forth."

This is as real as it gets:
In this game you're the placeholder for a lazy, snowballscheming shopkeeper that wants you to make as much profit as possible with the aid of his magic enchantment jar and some items you can buy.

Customers will come to you and describe what they want. It's your job to find an item that fits and enchant it if necessary.

Try to become the best shopkeeper on ye ol market.

Install instructions

Download the ".zip"-File and run "YeOlMarket.exe".


YeOlMarket.zip 24 MB


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Sehr coole Idee! Das Gameplay ist auch rund und funktioniert top, die Grafik dazu ist stimmig, gute Arbeit! Einziges Manko war für mich, dass es recht schnell langweilig wird, dafür war die Vertonung sehr unterhaltsam :D