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This game is amazing. I love simulation type-things, and the Bob Ross Theme made it so much better. My suggestion would be to add a lot more human features, as that is the main appeal of the late game. Maybe some inter-human fighting, or further advancement? If you're looking for ideas, Simmiland is a really good god game with idle human action. 

No matter where the game goes, you've done a great job.


This was really enjoyable! I liked brushing on a lot of clouds and watching plants grow, then adding lots of herbivores and watching them spread, and so forth. Really relaxing experience in a jam-sized package.

If you want to improve on this in the future, I think some more camera controls would be cool: Being able to fix the camera without having to hold RMB, maybe a slider to control the speed of the passive rotation. And also a way to zoom in to see your little creatures on the surface. Maybe even click one to have the camera follow it around?

Overall though, I felt it captured that chill, Bob Ross-y feeling of just kicking back and having fun on the canvas. I'll be following to see what you come up with next. :)