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Mourgelike is a  roguelike dungeon crawler for Android. At this point it is 30 days in development as my project for #devtober. (Check out my Twitter to see the progress I have made on it.)

Venture down into dungeons and make quick work of adventurers brave enough to venture as far. Collect coins and other treasures to buy upgrades and enhance your survivability.

At this point it features a simple upgrade tree with 2 learnable skills. Unlimited levels and always new dungeons. 10 different enemies some of which can only be found deeper in the dungeon. At this point there is no end to the game.

I wasn't sure if I would keep working on the game after this point, but it turned out to be such a fun project that I will definitely keep working on it. Therefore stay tuned for updates and let me know your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter (@AndideBob)

Known issues:

  • The "+25%" Button does not work yet
  • The positions upgrade doesn't do anything yet since there are no potions in the game yet

Install instructions

Just download it and istall it on your phone. The app is not yet on the PlayStore, so you might have to deal with your antivirus not liking the app.


Mourgelike_Devtober_Version 28 MB

Development log

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